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after replacing the ecu how do i reset the the sercuity system
im replacinc my ecu on my passat, how would i reset my sercuity system
My engine light came on a few months ago and the auto shop that checked it said it was a catalytic converter that needed to be replaced. I have 112,000 miles on my car. Am I putting my engine at risk if I put off re...
need diagram to replace the oil pump
why does my center console and the door lights blink on and off when the car is running? An the dome light won't come on?
Does my 2.8l V 6 need an oil pan gasket?
where is the turbo located on my 03 vw passat i was tod that it is unplugged
How much should it cost to replace a vacuum valve?
Please provide estimate to replace the rear main oil seal in a 2003 VW Passat, V6
where is the water pump on a 2003 volkswagen passat
how to change fuel filter
Hi, I have a 2003 Volkswagen Passat 2.8L V6. The electronic driver seat controls do not seem to be working. They were working fine a couple of months ago. Nothing happens when I move the switch back or front. However...
car stalled. towed to repair shop. shop says there is no power getting to the fuel pump. there was a recall for some kind of fuel pump problem. is there a relay or something in the power supply that can fail?
trying to get accurate estimate for "bushings" as mechanic referred to them. Need both front bushings. Thanks!
Wanting to know if I will have to loosen motor supports to get the oil pan off? I have all the bolts out but don't have room to get the pan out.