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Check engine light is on and the OBD code is P0421 and I don't know which of the catalytic converter I should replace
I loosing the coolant every two or three days. I approx. a month ago I brought to a garage to have the sensor that tells you the temp. of the radiator The mechanic had a problem getting the sensor off the radiator a...
but after a day the light came back on and it misfiring again what should i do
Interior got wet. Was driving when dome light came on. Turned em off.continued to destination.came back out and running lights and tail lights were on.(had turned lights off)key fob didn't work. Power windows didn't w...
my transmission is slipping when i drive even slow and i need to see how much fluid is in it,but i can't find the dipstick or how to put moor in.
I replaced the tie rod and the hole brakes sist,and i'm still getting the shakes
My temp. needle gauge would stay at 90. When i ran the diagnostic i got a code p1296 so i assumed it was the coolant sensor because i have no symptom that i have a bad thermostat. I have hot heat,car does not overhea...