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I went to do my first oil change ever and noticed my POS is leaking oil. Granted I've known my POS to have many small problems like, the emissions workshop flashes after accelerating to 30 - 40 mpm and then begins to ...
the vibration is coming from the front end,it remains steady throughout all rpms in all gears. vehicle was flawless before her trip. it now feels like the front axle is going to tear off the car.i can feel the vibrati...
Wire or wires are burned, haven't fixed it yet. It was smoking for awhile but wasn't sure what it was since if its not one thing its another.
Just had heater core flushed out. I now have warm air blowing from heater/defroster when I am moving. When I stop car and not moving, the heater/defroster air blows cold.
i noticed they went out after having radio on at the drive in. the dimmer switch feels warmer than usual. the headlight switch light turns on and the gauges light up as well.
it killed my battery so I cant drive it til its fix just don't wanna pay a lot for this what could be the problem???? I need help!!
Removed top and tank seal to change pump and tubing, wire insulation and pinch to release twist fitting brittle from being in gasoline. Can't find replacement for twist lock elbow that connects underside or cap on ret...
bank 2 after cat sensor and flex pipe cut and welded in is larger than bank 1 though I noticed. mechanic says no vac or exaust leaks exist can you diagnosis besides being the cat car runs great too