Put new motor in and it keeps stalling and oil blowing out exhaust took it back to mechic and he said nothing wrong this is the third time it has gone back.

Mechanic tells me that the rotors need replacement and suggests also replacing pads

Ok guys, I changed my heater core in the winter, I have not used the AC in a while may be last year, now I tried it, it is just blowing normal fan air, I try to put the Freon and the gauge says it has pressure to the max, I drained some out and some yellow like liquid was coming out, anyways I added some Freon and yet still not cold, what can I do, the shops I know here charge a lot...What can I do.?? Thanks.

It turns over, no oil leaks, and no over heats

does someone know how much is the labor for engine mount replacement for a 2001 vw passat 1.8t?

where can i find the turn signal relay

The was epc light for 2weeks en now don't star how can't fixi

How do I narrow that down? It just says misfire cause unknown.

Not sure yet if it is front or rear.

under a minut then runs good but can still fel a mess not all the time car wermd up tune car off and restart car the same thang agen runs for about one minut then runs good. cuod ther be a computer problm? or cam sencor

in the book reads iat sencor 1 low input is that the air temp sencor thank you for your time

replace mass air flow sencor and air temp sencor check eng light still on and when i start it up it runs rough for about one minute then smooth out

Already have parts. Just need installation.

The car attempts to start but when pressing pedal njothing happens, no power

any quick fix for this? 1.8 litre turbo?