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It makes the sound for about 10 to 15 seconds and stop . It also shakes after its in park for 3 mins . Randomly , and I just spent 1500 getting all the leaks fixed and a major tune up .
We replaced battery twice and even had alternator checked by les schwab. What could be wrong?
After about 15 miles, the cluster beeps, and all that I explained above occurs.
I changed the fuil filter some one said it could be the throttle sensor or body
Blue/black wire from cooling fan red/tan wire on left side is there a relay box in between to hook together for fan to work
1999 Passat/ Noticed: while driving front brakes wet bad...it happend after i used the Emergency brake "handle" a "few" times to stop my car. Notice; Changed "both" low beam "light-bulbs". also cheked the micro-switch...
the only way to keep it on is by stepping on the gas.... i scan it and the code i get back is p1545.... not sure what to do?
car is iddling very low n its shuttin off
3 weeks ago the car started shaking. and in the last week the check engine light came on and the car will no longer move into gears. Does this mean the transmission is completely shot? Also the back seat behind the pa...