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i have checked all the fuses and replaced them. replacing the fuel filter, hoping that will work. wants to crank over but wont.
Replaced glow plugs speed sensor carbon flap and wire harness plus 5 wires. 2 different trips..still happening when it rains. Something is getting wet and app dealrshp cant find problem. I NEED HELP BADLY !!!Glow plug...
i did take the alternator back off and had it checked o.k. I cant figure out where the fuse is under the hood to replace it? The alternator light will not go off?
never had a problem with the trasmition until after that repair could something been done in the process of replacing the timing belt to cause it?
I get a code P1672 open or short to ground. Replaced the refrigerant control valve and that did not fix it. Took the fans apart and they seemed to be ok.
I had checked the cars booklet,and it states why the ac is not functioning may be the fuse.The other booklet which has the fuse information does not have a space nor a fuse for the AC .Hence my delema Thank y...
how to cahnge glow plugs
The dealer says it is also recommended to change the water pump while they are at it. But the price quoted is more than $300 over the max price estimated for the timing belt alone and they want to charge me another $2...
My engine light is on and the code P2112: Throttle Actuator Control System - Stuck Closed, is appearing on the code reader. My car will not start. Does anyone know how to fix this?
Hello im Andrew Davie. I have a 2006 vw jetta tdi 1.9L I would like to take all the exhaust filtering system out and just have a old school exhaust system. Is this possilbe while keeping the car running. See I have a ...
my car won't start - it shows this message "stop! oil pressure engine off! service book!