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When i start the car in morning it takes a little while to get cold i replace the cabin filter and it help for about a week caltrex@yahoo.com
A/C unit is charged. Mechanic says there is an obstruction in the expansion valve and needs to be replaced
How to replace the expansion valve on ac system
is it necessary to replace the expansion valve when replacing the ac compressor. Should you flush it with the old drier the install the new one. The expansion valve is behind the motor, how do you get to it if it must...
Problem occurs at every startup. The dealer wanted to recharge the AC, but that is a joke, as the AC is plenty cold once the compressor kicks in. 5 to 7 minutes is an unacceptable delay, as we are hot and sweaty by th...
I've had the car for 5 1/2 months and driven 10,000 miles, when the clutch went out and the spider gear exploded from the transmission. I was coming up to a stop sign and depressed the clutch, heard a pop and the clut...
How many miles to shange the timing belt?
I have a 2006 VW TDI and the clock would not keep time. We returned it to the dealer and they replaced the instrument cluster. Now the reminder for an oil change which used to pop up on the instrument cluster does n...
I have a 2006 jetta tdi And I want more power How can I make this car really run and mabey even improve my MPG?
When I turn the wipers on they just gult or like flinch a little. they dont make a pull swipe they just sit there and nudge when they want to go but they dont go. You can pull them up there stiff. Is there two seperat...
when i floor it to pass or accel to enter a highway it cuts out at 3200 rpm and wond accell anymore. when in nutural it doent cut out and sounds fine. Could this be a trani problem?
g40 Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor out of range code
how to change a fuel filter for a 2006 WV TDI jetta
How do I remove the drivers side headlight assembly from my 06 Jetta TDI?
my car won't start - it shows this message "stop! oil pressure engine off! service book!