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It kind of feels like the tire isn't on correctly and its on the drivers side. What is causing this? I just put brakes and rotars on the front and brakes on the rear and two new tires on the front.
I noticed it is leaking inside the hood. Must be a hose disconnected from the nozzle but everything is run through the underside hood-framing. How do I access it to reconnect the hose or fix the problem?
Idle rough when first start up and than smooth after warm up . I did replace the intake manifold gaskets and it helped still have slight rough idle than smooth out with slight acceleration. has 100000 miles and car ru...
It is pressed into the transmission and I'm afraid of cracking it so I don't want to pry against it
I have been told my 2007 Jetta's needs to be replaced,and that the transmission needs to be drained and lifted out in order to do the repair.All this for $1400.00
The Cruise Control Works Then Shuts Off When Driving With It On For A While.
my a c fan dont come on wen i turn my ac the compresor do
It look like a circle and it have three lines the light is below the engine light and i have flat tire.
I already took it in for the recall of the windshield fluid tab chafing the fuel lines. That was supposedly taken care of. It also intermittently shifts hard or there is a delay in shifting. Of course the warrant...
Blower motor is making a load humming noise at higher speeds
air filter where is it and dose it have a cabin filter do not find nowhere please advise
I broke off the fuel door and was wondering if I could replace it from the trunk and how it is attached, dealer wants $170 to do it it cant be too hard could it?