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I'm pulling my hair out can it be a relay or a fuse the wires are good the car only has 100*** miles on it I have no idea what to do next...
just bought a 07 Jetta without automatic headlights. All of my other vehicles have automatic headlights and they are older vehicles than the Jetta. I thought automatic headlights were pretty much standard any more. I ...
I've had the light checked by a mechanic and reset, but the light keeps coming on. I need to take car for inspection. Any suggestions.
valves and turbo replaced
The Engine/powertrain computer/module replaced at 43,000 and then at 57,000 miles. Should I be leary on buying this vehicle? It will not be covered under warranty.
I purchased a new battery less than 3 months ago because it would not start, has been working fine since then, until today! My car started first thing this morning, it was off for approximately 15 minutes, and would n...
While pulling off from a light or a complete stop my car is doing like a kick in shift that is hard as if someone hit me in the back. When I stop it is as if it is a hard settle in. Also while driving it is idling up ...
The dealer told me that the breake vacuum pump is leaking and needs to be replaced. I got an $860 estimate for the work. They claim the transmission needs to be dropped in order to replace it. Also, i see no leaks or ...
My headliner got loose and hanging from ceiling. How much approx cost for fixing it?
it is newly bought first time ive change it ive had it 5 weeks
but leaks oil since I had it changed. I took it back to the place that changed it's oil, but it's still leaking. Any advice?? I live in N. County San Diego. Any reasonable place I could take it to???
Can you tell me where the thermostat is located on engine
How much does a new transmission cost?