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Hi, My daughters Jetta started blowing lots of grey smoke when it's driven on the highway for more than 15/20 miles. On short drives it's fine. I replaced the valve cover thinking it could be EGR related but that di...
out of nowhere, the transmission started to slip any advice?
I plan to replace it correctly as soon as I have the money, but for the time being, I have to a way to figure out how lesson the consistent noise. Where do I focus my lubricant?
Powered Door locks for both rear doors fail to lock by key or button on alarm FOB. I can sometime hear something in the doors move when the lock is initiated , but nothing happens. The locks also cannot be activated m...
I have already replaced the spark plugs, and it's still sputtering, mechanic said it is the wires and coils that have to be replaced now.
My car has been acting weird since I used the garden hose to flush the radiator
Does this problem can cause that the compressor don't start
2005 VW Jetta. Battery drains after several hours during periods when the car is not in use. I have had the driver's side elictrical harness replaced. Harness wires were broken and exposed. I have to charge the batter...
po 0261 injectors short to ground p1117 p1435 p1425 all short to ground checked ground under battery cleaned reinstalled . ????
both epc, battery, and engine light are left on when trying to start the car hence the engine light was on before but hope this help more once the key is put in the ignition the head light turn on automatically but on...
No codes or anything comes up to tell us what it might be.