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Started off as: Check Engine and ASR light. Took to the VW Dealership with a diagnostic from other mechanic of bad TCM. Asked to verify and repair. Instead they did wiring harness and air filter, said is was like new....
transmsion surge whats the cause
How do I test poblem
I have a 2003 VW Jetta...when I turn on the interior console lights at night, the external lowbeam headlights go off....I can turn the brights on and they will come on
The heat still stay on o times
Tried switching the comfort control module, but it didn't work.
My Jetta loses power going up hill. The rpm goes down; car turns off. What should I do? Im considering calling the guy I bought the car from. I'm so frustrated n broke.
So I've had misfiring issues since I bought the car till now. Current issue I have now is semi responsive coil, firing. I have replaced all 4 plugs, all 4 coils, and even all 4 coil connectors. 3 of the 4 are great...
Will purchase rebuilt engine need price to install only
sounds only while car is moving in drive or reverse