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I love my Jetta. It has over 200K miles and it is still running pretty well. Lately, I can accelerate and get power up to about 65-70 miles per hour. After that, it will not give me any more acceleration even with ...
The car runs fine except the coolant is leaking. the check coolant light comes on so I have to keep putting water into it otherwise it thinks it's overheating and it has died before
stepping on gas for few seconds then car jumps into gear
There was no check engine light before airing my tires up. Can this cause the check engine light to turn on?
the switch to turn on my wipers has a little picture of the washer fluid coming out but I cant get it to work! help me
My fuel switch got pushed in some how and I can't trigger the fuel door to open. I'm going to take it to the dealer to get it fix but how can I open up the door?
I an electrical fire in the fuse box i replaced all of that but now epc light comes on no power and now it won't even sart,,