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Car was fine, shut it off, came back 15 minutes later, tried to start, sounds like it turns over, acts like it is not getting any fuel and stalls.
Just got a 01 Jetta from a friend completely free, check engine came on and the following codes showed up, Codes 0440, 1225, 1226, 1227, 1228, 1451, 1421, 1425, 1472. Can somebody help me with these codes and how to f...
The dash lights above the steering wheel do not work except when the left turn signal and emergency signal are used. This is a Jetta Vr6.
After the car wash, I when home and the fan never stop working, what can I do??
What could this mean? Was driving normal and then when I came to a stop it would no longer shift out if low gear and check engine light came on.
Had it hooked up to the dionostics thing there was 7 things wrong but they all pointed to it being ECM... I need to know what it looks like and where it's located so I can replace it
Has a new cooling fan relay and worked for about two weeks. Again has no power at the compressor.Checked all powers and grounds good. What would prevent the CFR from sending power to compressor.
The car has 154000 miles and is starting to show some transmission issues. Don't know if we should spend any more on repairs. Currently car makes loud noise when running
tried to find an unlocking device in the trunk, not able to find anything....at this point i have to fold down the rear seat to use the trunk....I NEED HELP! I tried everything the manual suggested and still no luck.
In the morning she want start but around noon she fires right up. I'm thinking IA sensor or MAP ? She also did not start up after a 10 min shutdown twice? Txt for the help !!!!!