1993 Volkswagen EuroVan Problem Reports

Newest 1993 Volkswagen EuroVan Problem Reports

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The idle stabilizer valve may fail, causing engine stalling or excessively high idle speeds.

The Check Engine Light may illuminate as a result of a oxygen sensor and coolant temperature sensor fail. Replacement if the failed part will be necessary to correct this issue.

Reverse gear failures in the manual transmission models are common.

The rear brakes tend to wear out quickly; rotors may need replacement by the first brake job. Our technicians recommend that the brakes be inspected for wear regularly.

Our technicians recommend having the constant velocity (CV) boots and CV joints inspected at each service. Servicing torn CV boots early can prevent the need to replace the CV half shaft or CV joint.

Aging plastic components in the cooling system—including the connecting pipes to the radiator—can fail unexpectedly.

Glow plug failure is common and results in extended crank time when the engine is cold.

Due to the breakdown of the throw out bearing, premature clutch failure is common.

Valve cover oil leaks are common on the 2.8L engines.