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Newest reported 2012 Volkswagen CC problems


Reported by slinkyi for the Volkswagen CC

2012 VW CC R Line, 2.0L Turbo 4cyl

First had the carbon build up issue at 34,500 miles. Under warranty, error codes showed malfunctions in the intake manifold. Warranty replaced the manifold. I was required to pay for the carbon build-up cleaning.

Then AGAIN at 56,000 miles, car sluggish and showing signs again of the Carbon build up. Taken to dealership on other issues and they scraped the car's internal parts showing me the gunk ...

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Reported by slinkyi and 2 others for the Volkswagen CC

So, in a 2012 CC R Line, 2.0L Turbo 4cyl, 22,000 miles - tires are dead due to cupping and the alignment of the car. The cupping causes road noise and it is due to the car's alignment of its tires. I have been told by the dealership that you need to rotate tires every 5k miles and ensure you have an alignment done EVERY oil change... or at least check it. good luck.

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Reported by Ricola and 1 other for the Volkswagen CC

Have had several problems electrical. Interior light will go out after only 5 seconds of the door opening. Playing the radio while the engine is off radio will announce that it will be shutting down due to the fact that the battery is too low, I once started the car and the passenger window went all the way down, the instrument panel Speed for example will change to whatever it wants too, when starting the engine radio will occasionally be ver...

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Reported by monkeytoesbme and 54 others for the Volkswagen CC

The CC Sport is being sold with Continental Tires which are run flats. These caused a terrible vibration in my new CC. The dealer attempted many times to balance the tires with no success. They replaced them with non run flat continental tires which made the vibration worse. After a long battle with the dealerhip, they agreed to replace the tires with another brand which solved the problem. The tires they had to put on my CC are $276.00 e...

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Verified for the Volkswagen CC

Condensation may develop in the heater case which can cause a musty odor from the heating, ventilation and AC (HVAC) system.  Our technicians tell us the drain system should be checked for debris. In addition, a cleaner is available for the heater case.

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Reported by monkeytoesbme and 5 others for the Volkswagen CC

I can be in the middle of a call on my bluetooth through my car and the car will drop the call mid sentence at random. My phone still has the call on it and I have to wait for the car to reconnect itself. They have a very short list of compatible phones so if you buy one, make sure your phone is on the list! All this technology and they have a list of 20 phones! WHAT?

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Reported by monkeytoesbme and 1 other for the Volkswagen CC

Both of my back windows leak when it rains or even worse if I wash it. It has been to the shop 5 times for repair and they haven't been able to get them to stop leaking yet. It is an obvious design flaw. I would like to see VW recall this and get it fixed!

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