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need to know how to set timing on a 2000vwcabrio--2.0 picture of gears and how to line them up would be helpful thanks, e-mail msemma@hctc.net
When it.rains, the window seals leak. Its bad and drips bad. Please help
Was crusing at 70 with cruise on 2400 RPMs; cruise cut out and now car struggles past 60
Could it be fuse 409? it looked black on the 2 big prongs. I am a total amateur
how do i remove the battery of my 2000 VW cabrio?
where are the timing marks on a 2000 vw cabrio? Thank You
I can't figure out how to put in transmission oil, do i have to take it to the dealer? for service?
Sometimes my AC won't go on I have to turn it on and off to get it to work. Can anyone help?
The radio powers up and shows the last fm station that was used, but no sound and none of the buttons change the display - nothing. The battery was replaced recently but instead of displaying 'safe' it's showing an f...
a/c comes on runs for 5 mins then goes off. changed a/c relay, binary switch, and fan control module. recovered, vacuumed, and recharged system with no problems. found out that im loosing 12v to the a/c clutch. what c...
My car has a violent shaking when I turn hard to the right and accelerate,like when going around a cloverleaf to get on the interstate. It shakes other times but this is the worst and most repeatable. It doesn't do ...