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Could it be fuse 409? it looked black on the 2 big prongs. I am a total amateur
I am looking for the cost to repair the main head gasket
I wanted to find out what kind of noise you will hear if you are needing a front strut replacement. I just had new brakes put on the front and was told that I needed struts.
does a 2000 volkswagan cabrio run its water pump on a timing belt or a fan belt
how do i remove the battery of my 2000 VW cabrio?
Have checked & replaced fuel filter. Took to shop, diagnostic cost $179, say it is due to ignition distributor. Cost to replace plus part $387, total w/diagnosis about $566. This sound reasonable? Where is the part lo...
Thank you so much. Replaced fuel filter, got info on fuel relay & other fuel related. Taking one step at a time. Did take to a mechanic, his first suggestion was replacing the ignition & key at a cost of $1-3,000. I d...
Car will not start, cranks. Wont turn over. Replaced the fuel filter today. Thought I ran out of gas,added gas & fuel cleaner. Same issue. Not too cold here in Tucson, mild days,cooler nights. What would be the next m...
where are the timing marks on a 2000 vw cabrio? Thank You
Passenger window is down. When we try to raise it, it goes up three inches, then reverses and goes back down. It has auto up and down feature, which may be part of the problem. Help?
I can't figure out how to put in transmission oil, do i have to take it to the dealer? for service?
What does the SRS code 01217 mean as a problem.
I lost the fuse box panel I need a diagram of the fuses ` in particular the radio
I just want to check the transmission fluid but can't seem to find a dipstick or container for it anywhere under the hood
Sometimes my AC won't go on I have to turn it on and off to get it to work. Can anyone help?