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I have a 96 Cabrio it is a standard. When you turn the key the headlights work but wont turn over. I have checked the terminals, the starter, and I am checking all of the relays but nothing seems to be the problem. I ...
ok the car is hard to start but if it starts only make it short time till it shuts off.mother got this car and loves it i hate it the igntion is a push button to start it by the way. is there some problem with these ...
Every time I put my car in reverse, there's a loud clanging noise. What has to be done to correct this?
Recently replaced a fuel filter on my car, and when i replugged the battery the anti theft alarm re armed itself, stopping me from trying to restart the engine( won't crank at all) and i can't find the stupid sensor t...
Where is the air intake valve located on this car?
The timing belt in my 96 VW cabrio broke and I'm trying to decide if it's worth fixing. Can anyone tell me if it is an interference or non-interference engine? Thanks
My key would Not Turn, the dealer said I needed the ignition (key Tumbler). So I bought it but I need it replaced
I recently let the battery die due to age and lack of use, when I replaced it I had hoped to just turn the key and have it start like it did last fall. All of the electronics seem to be working but i get absolutely no...
ok so the car was working perfect untill it rained. the car has a cone air filter and water got into my intake. so i pulled the plugs out to get the water out. after this ran perfect for about a week then started revi...
My 1996 cabrio just turned it self off yesterday. Now it will crank but not fire. Is it the fuel pump?
how do you replace refuses for the brake light and signal light and what kind of fuse is it
my hood latch will not release any tricks?
how do you get it out once you have the cap off?? is it stuck, or is there a screw i need to remove?
does a 1996 vw cabrio have a drive belt or chain what are te maintance schedules?