Subaru Tribeca Problem Report

Subaru Tribeca Vibtation or shutter on acceleration

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A vibration or shutter may be noted on acceleration. If the transmission torque converter is suspected a revised part is available to correct this concern.

A shudder and slipping feeling on acceleration between 20 and 30 mph. -
haven' t fixed it yet, looking for solutions. sounds briefly like you are going over a washboard road while accelerating. -
Have had two torque converter replacements. We now have a confirmed third time problem of the same. We need three rows and love owning a Subaru but this is too much. It's making for a stressful ownership of this vehicle having the repeat issue, we just want it fixed so we can enjoy our Subaru! -
Happens with a CEL thrown about either AT OIL temp or some other issue. It could be the TCU or the ECU, not sure, willing to find out. -
rumbling or shuttering happens when stepping on the accelerator at times then goes away. -
[Added note: the second time the dealer said there was a remapping program for the transmission. Apparently, that's not enough.] My Tribeca was bought from a reputable Subie dealer just after they got it from Subaru USA as a company car. Totally maintained and such. At first it was an occasional shudder/vibration you could feel in the seat of your pants. I used to have a shop and know the first thing is tire balance, etc. Then a new set of wheels/tires for winter just after purchase, and the problem didn't go away. She now has 61K miles and it's getting worse. I've mentioned this to the dealership twice since. (I have a lifetime powertrain warranty.) I had thought maybe there's a u-joint or differential problem. But, that didn't explain that it was consistent under light acceleration/ light load that didn't coincide with either road speed or engine speed. Torque converter problems could easily explain this. Guess whom I'm calling in the morning.... Thanks all. Sometimes it's right under your nose and you can't smell it until someone else says: "What? You can't smell that skunk!" I've owned about six Subies (in addition to four Hondas, four Toyotas, three BMWs) and I'll take a Subie over any. Thanks all for this info/perspective. :) -
Vehicle begins wobble at 90km/hr which worsens with greater acceleration. Originating from powertrain, or Torque Converter. -
Traded for an Audi -
same as above. -
shudder/vibration throughout car at 40 mph and 60 mph speeds.seen numerous complaints about this issue.torque converter problem to blame -

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