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1999 Nissan Altima Question: vibrations when braking

My car vibrates when braking even in a slow speed,we replaced the rotor 4 times,brake pads 1 time,inner and outer tie rods.we balance the tires and we changed the 4 wheels.the problem start when we replaced the brake rotors and pads in 4 wheels.any help from you pls? -
Answer 1
Vibration braking = brake rotors out of round, end of story. Any or all of the rotors may be causing the vibration. Visit a local shop that utilizes a newer on car brake lathe (like Pro Cut or Hunter). This will give a perfect cut to all rotors and verify they are absolutely true. After this, verify pads are very thick (nearly new) and that they are anchored appropriately in the brake calipers. -
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