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2007 Chevrolet Corvette Question: Vibration/Resonantion (no noise) in Floor while driving

Floor vibration started 3 months ago after hitting a major pothole on highway. took to Chevy dealer for diagnosis and found 3 wheels would not balance (forced balance)did alignment & replaced all tires & wheels, replaced motor mounts and still have vibration in floor. All wheels are in balance and checked the Transaxle/half axils, everything is OK. Checked Exhaust for grounding, found none. Torque tube (drive shaft)shows no sign of damage, have not replaced as of yet. Still have vibration in floor only, after all of this has been done, Dealership is at a loss. Any ideas would be very helpful. -
Answer 1
Does the vibration happen when your running the engine in park or just when engine is under pressure? -please advise- -
Answer 2
Only under pressure, while driving @ all speeds, & it kinda pulsates at times as well. -
Comment 1
Is there any answers out there for my problem with the floor vibration, I really don't want to continue replacing parts in trying to solve this, I would think with all the technology today this could be resolved. Help -
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If there is a poping,type or a rakeing noise or clacking type ,suspect a broken or cracked transmission flex plate, or flywheel.Maybe from the sudden jolt of the pothole,caused the converter to shift forward stressing the flywheel and then bouncing back to the rear,placeing reward flexing on the flexplate.Inspect flywheel for cracks,or harmonic ballancer for shifted outer schell! -
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No noise, just fine vibration (tingling) on the floor -
Answer 3
Check rubber Body Mountings At all 4 corners! -