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Dodge Journey Vibration on Brake Application

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A pulsation may be felt in the brake pedal or steering wheel on brake application. This is commonly caused by warped brake rotors. The front rotors are commonly at fault but the rears should be checked also. Warped rotors will need to be re-machined or replaced to correct this concern.

Our Journey has been in the shop six times for brake problems, it started around 5000 miles, and has been back about every 5-6000 miles for the same thing. They have replaced the pads and rotors, but it seems to be a vicious circle. If you have this problem make sure even though you may be out of warranty to contact the corporate office about this problem. They have replaced ours each time at there cost. One more time, and Chrysler can have the vehicle back. Very disappointed with this vehicle. -
Within the first 2 weeks of having this car it was shaking! Called dealer to ask about it, said maybe because it was brand new. Had it looked at a few times over my 2 yr lease and the brakes seemed fine- just not lining up perfectly, hence the vibration. Now I have 3 months left and my car just made the most god awful noise (raining out today) when I backed out of the driveway with 2 small kids!!! I absolutely hate this car! My husband has a 2012 and not one problem with brakes... My sister also got the 2010 e same day as me and has had nothing but problems as well. Never again -
Dealer acknowledges warped rotors and subsequent worn pads, but considers this normal wear and tear. -
Had brakes a brake job including all new rotors one year ago. Currently steering wheel shudders while braking. I can also hear an alarming noise at times when braking. -
Having vibrations when coming to a stop and acceleration from a stop.we called the dealership took it in they checked it and said it was fine, then we called corporate and got no help from them either, then I find out it's a lot of people having this problem .it was never fixed dealer denied us. -
I had that problem as well kinda felt like it was scrubbing it made a horable noise when you breaked.I had to pay a 160 to have my routers turned since then thought sounds and drives much better -
I've had this problem since I bought this car! I have replaced my rotors and brakes twice in less then two years and nothing fixed it! It vibrates very badly when you press on the brakes! Always squeaky -
We have had vibrations in the breaking system almost since it was new.The dealer did not do anything until we were out of warranty then we have had to pay for all the repairs. This has also ruined several sets of tires even after several alignments. -
Shudder at 50mph+ when brakes are applied -
Front rotors went and currently at 32000 and need them replaced again -
Vibration on Brake Application has bee going on since I bought used in 2010. Replaced the front rotars and pads. Did not stop the vibration, back rotars also need replaced. -
replaced brakes and rotors and about the next day the car started vibrating replaced brakes yesterday 7/5/14 and the parts dealer said it might be the calipers -
Front brakes vibrate on application, they've been doing this for a while. I haven't had it checked yet. It doesn't seem like the brakes should need replacing yet. -
Upon breaking there is a vibration with the steering wheel. Car stops ok, but it still shouldn't happen. Going to get rotors replaced to see if it fixes the problem. -
just bought my 2010 Dodge Journey and had to replace the front roters. This car barely had 15000 miles on it. Should have know this was just the beginning...... -
brakes and rotor repair been in shop for repair of rotors and pads Went to get tires and there wern't no pads left had replace and problem back again -
I've had the vehicle for 2 yrs. From the time I took it home..braking seems to be most annoying problem..sounds like metal on metal ONLY SOMETIMES..went to brake shop rather that Dodge dealership. They said may be tires..bought new tires..EXPENSIVE...problem was better for a few months, now same thing...vibrates steering wheel...sometimes makes most awful noise when braking. (my 98 Chrysler was quieter than this..should have kept it) LOL! told now by Dodge dealership that since govt. will not allow asbestos brake pads any longer..EVERYONE is struggling with a material that will hold up. Other than that, I do really like my vehicle. Probably will just go with my regular car repair shop. I can better afford to replace more often there! -
The rotors on my car have been warped since I purchased the car. I purchased extended warranties on my car, so in theory, the rotors should be replaced. However, the dealership doesn't believe this is the case. I had to replace my front brakes at 24595 miles, and again at 46000 miles. -
Prematurely worn pads and warped brake rotors on front wheels with heavy vibration and poor braking distance. Replaced rotors and pads with aftermarket quality pads and vented heavy duty rotors for performance use with cooling slots. Braking distance improved by 30% from new with no fade. Have more than 38000 miles on current aftermarket brake job with over 60% of pad material left and rotors are like new. -
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