Vibration coming from wheel. on 2007 Honda Civic

While driving my car from a low mph to a high mph a vibration sound comes from the back end of the car, when I take a right turn the vibration is louder and when I take a left turn the vibration goes away. After driving I put my hand one the actual back wheel of the my civic to see if its a bearing issue to see if one is hotter than the other, both of wheels are pretty cool and don't seem different.

by in Newport News, VA on October 05, 2012
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 06, 2012
From your description it's a rear wheel bearing (hub) , to verify it should go on a lift and be checked . Make sure there is no bad tire wear (cupping on inside of tread- common on those) that can sometimes be mis-interpreted as a bearing.Bad bearings will not generate heat the same way as overheated brakes will , so comparing rim temps. although a good thought , is not a reliable test on that.
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