Toyota Sequoia Problem Report

Toyota Sequoia Vibration at 75-80 mph

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Steering wheel vibration @ 70 mph -
I noticed that whenever I'm on the highway it's always shaking even after it was fixed. Mechanical said nothing wrong with the car it's just how sequoia are. -
Vibration and shaking that is not consistant. Seems to happen more at temps above 50degrees. speeds around 55 or greater. may only last a few miles.. -
Problem was rear bearings. Truck rides like it is brand new. -
Same thing happens to me. No problems found with my vehicle. -
Just had the car aligned and it seemed fine, but we took a cross tate trip and the steering vibrates at about 75 to 80 mph - it never did before. I look it up and it says the ball joints are bad. We only had it 4 wheeling 3 time sin anything heavy (Colorado Cimmaron Pass the last time in 2004) so we are wondering what's up. New tires and new spin balance, all suspension and steering busings normal, I cannot see any play in anything. Help? -