Vibration at 75-80 mph on Toyota Sequoia

Average mileage: 148,025 (90,000–207,000)
4 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007
11 people reported this problem
9 people shared problem details
Just had the car aligned and it seemed fine, but we took a cross tate trip and the steering vibrates at about 75 to 80 mph - it never did before. I look it up and it says the ball joints are bad. We only had it 4 wheeling 3 time sin anything heavy (Colorado Cimmaron Pass the last time in 2004) so we are wondering what's up. New tires and new spin balance, all suspension and steering busings normal, I cannot see any play in anything. Help?
Steering wheel vibration @ 70 mph
2005 Toyota Sequoia168,700
Vibration and shaking that is not consistant. Seems to happen more at temps above 50degrees. speeds around 55 or greater. may only last a few miles..
I noticed that whenever I'm on the highway it's always shaking even after it was fixed. Mechanical said nothing wrong with the car it's just how sequoia are.
2005 Toyota Sequoia145,000
Problem was rear bearings. Truck rides like it is brand new.
Same thing happens to me. No problems found with my vehicle.
2007 Toyota Sequoia90,000
2007 Toyota Sequoia 4WD Limited. 15000 miles on tires. The first 8000 miles No vibrations felt at anytime Yokohama Geolandar ATS 265 70 17 tires. Tires have been dynamic balanced From speeds of 60 -80 mph have a vibration in the front seats, (no vib in steering wheel). Have removed the rear drive shaft and test drove the SUV using front wheels (drive line) only. Still have the vibration 60-80 mph. So, thinking of R&R the rear wheel hub bearing assy's
2007 Toyota Sequoia125,000
Problem started with Vibration which seems to translate through the drive shaft from the rear to the front. I was told that my front bearings was part of the problem. I changed the two front bearings, and some of the vibration is gone, but some is still there. After the two front bearing changes, Now my VSC Trac light comes on and causes the ABS to engage be low 10 mph which could get me killed going into on coming traffic. I changed both front sensors and still no fix as of yet. I sent off the ABS module for repair or rebuild, and is still waiting on it to return. A friend of mine believe it has to do with the toner ring that the sensors takes its reading from. Will follow up on this later when I fix it. I WILL FIND THE FIX!!

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