vibration on 2003 Dodge Durango

slight vibration in steering wheel when accelerting. vibration stops when gas is let off (brakes and tires new and balanced). also occasional clunking noise from front end

by in Hampton Bays, NY on February 07, 2011
0 answers
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So i noticed yesterday after using my four wheel drive that i now have a major vibration in the front and and can not figure out why. The transfer case seems to have completely diseng...
A whining noise heard driving at freeway speeds (more than 55 mph) can be normal noise from the rear axle which is being transmitted through the body. A body/frame damper is available which may h...
as i press the gas in drive i have vibration it fells like its in the rear end when i let off nothing it fells smooth new tires ballanced. ????
when i apply the brakes i feel a vibration. is this because the rotors need to be replaced? i only have 21,000 miles on my vehicle. or more.When I turn to the left no noise and when going straight there is slight noise. No vibrations in the steering wheel. I checked the the wheels and the left side wiggles some when I shook...

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