Vibration on 2004 Dodge Neon

As I excelerate a loud vibration sound accures it's so loud. It will stop when i let up off the gas peddle. we have looked at everything under the car we can't find anything wrong my engine does run rough. Every once in awhile I can hear a pop or cracking noise. Also there will be a burning smell but that only happens like once a week?

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ck cv axles bad
we have checked them and the wheel barons it's coming from the motor transferring vibration throughout the chasey. We drove it down the highway and put it in neutral and it quit. Put it back in drive and the vibration starts again. My car has started to run kinda rough as well . Ive had motor mounts replaced thinking it was them! Were stumped !
Have you considered the transmission mounts? Or check for a bad pulley?