Vibration on 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

My car vibrates,mainly felt in the steering wheel at speeds over 65. One mechanic told me the wheel bearings need to be replaced.

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Vibration felt in the steering at between 50 and 70 miles an hour is usually attributed to wheel imbalance. To verify this either have the wheels balanced or rotate the tires from front to rear and see if things change.
Vibration felt in the steering wheel or brake pedal under braking is usually brake rotors out of true/ parallelism in which case they would need to be measured, inspected and machined or replaced.
Loose wheel bearings can cause a vibration, if they are very loose they can cause excess brake pedal travel on first application of the brakes after hard cornering as the brake pads get "pushed away" from the brake rotors on cornering if the wheel bearings are grossly loose.
Worn shock absorbers or suspension bushings can also cause shimmying felt through the steering wheel but this is more sensitive to road surface.
My guess is your tires need to be balanced.
Thank you autotechpat for your response. The steering wheel does not shake at braking.
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i would check the bearing on the drive shaft ....that tens to go which i just repplaced mine