Vibrating steering wheel on 2000 Acura Integra

It doesn't matter how fast or slow I'm driving, the steering wheel vibrates while the tires are straight. It only stops when I turn slightly to the left or right. Been doing it for a while. Now just yesterday, the wheels are starting to feel wobbly.

by in Atlanta, GA on April 08, 2011
2 answers
ANSWER by on April 08, 2011
This could be a tire problem, like a defect in a tire, have someone carefully look at your tires, a Pro, because a defective tire could easily blow out and cause an accident.
ANSWER by on April 08, 2011
The tires could be a problem however I have also seen axles cause this condition. The way to tell the difference is during acceleration if the car vibrates excessively and goes away when you let off the gas I would look at the axles. Make sure the engine and transmission mounts are good.
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this is the thired time i replaced front rotors on this car. after a few months i get a vibration in the steering wheel and the front end shakes replace the rotors its fine then it all starts over ...

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