Vibrating brakes on 2003 Honda Civic

So i have a 2003 honda civic ex with a 1.8 L engine. The vehicle started vibrating when i applied the brakes a few weeks ago. I changed the rotors (brand new) but it started vibrating again. What else can it be?.

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Did you replace the front or the rear rotors? Are you feeling the vibration in the steering wheel, brake pedal or in the body of the vehicle?
You may be feeling rear brake vibration, the fronts will often make the steering wheel shake as well. The rears will tend to vibrate more as the get hotter, so when braking down hill or from high speeds it will be more noticeable, is this the case with your car?
I replaced only the front ones. I feel it on the break pedal.
No not necessarly it vibrates any time i brake.