Very sluggish when going to accelerate - acts like it wants to die. on 1995 Honda Odyssey

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Please help. Afraid to drive it but only family vehicle that was reliable and suits everyone in the household.
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Your car has on board diagnostics level one (OBD1) it monitors 21 possible different faults but only looks at open or shorts not performance. Does the car accelerate well and sustain throttle? If not you could have a failing fuel pump or low fuel pressure/delivery, perhaps change the fuel filter if it has not been changed recently. Many people over look valve adjustment on your model car, that engine has "screw adjust" valve, it definitely affects engine performance. Check your spark plugs and clean the throttle butterfly housing. After that you have cover a basic tune up. Its hard to guess at what is wrong without being able to drive your car and experience the problem and do some basic diagnostic tests.
Thank you very much for your speedy reply! Without knowing the other information past the fuel filter - I originally felt that bad gas might have spurred this but I also have a 1991 Sunbird acting the same way and I feel that the fuel filter in both may be the issue.

How much does a replacement of this type run?