Very loud like vibration in front wheel on 2006 Ford Focus

The front wheel has a very loud like i guess vibration sound. when i go around a right corner it is still there. left corner it goes away. if i turn the wheel slightly right it gets worse but left slight turn the sound goes away. i just got new tires not long ago so i put the back tire on front and front on back and that did not help. when i put on the breaks to stop the steering wheen shakes.

Have front brake rotors machined/replaced. Also both front hub bearings checked, most likely the RIGHT front is bad. It is usually opposite of the one you think it is! No BS.
Ok is it hard to check or replace hub bearings. should i do both fronts or just the bad. one
Just the bad one, unless you are equiped and car savvy i suggest getting a repair shop to do the work. Shop press strongly recommended!
BFH can damage new bearing and other componets. Not really a diy repair. Shop can be turning/replacing rotors at the same time.
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poss frt hub bearing is going out,have it ck'd
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