Engine Won't Crank Due To Starter on Toyota Corolla

If the engine will not crank over, the most common problem is the starter. These will tend to go out at about 100,00-125,000 miles. Sometimes it is only the starter solenoid, but often the complete starter (including solenoid) needs to be replaced.

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Average mileage: 146,383 (14,878–280,000)
17 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, more1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2015
71 people reported this problem
28 people shared problem details
1997 Toyota Corolla127,000
Battery popwer turns everything on, but car wont crank, it wont do anything mech.
2003 Toyota Corolla105,500
Had to replace the starter. Yesterday, I needed a couple of turns to start the car. Today it wouldn't start at all (no sound of cranking either).
2005 Toyota Corolla148,021
The car wont turn over after turning the key inside the ignition. I have power and I can hear the water pump coming on. Just wont crank up to start.
1997 Toyota Corolla172,900
At times the car would not start it would just make a clicking sound. So I would move the automatic shifter down from park and back up to park to make sure it was in park all the way, and then it started one time but not another time when it did it again. So when it did it again, this time I tried to jiggle the steering column and a few other things, I'm not sure which one worked that time, but it did start. Another time when it wouldn't, I put the shifter in neutral, and it started, that is what seems to work every time.
1999 Toyota Corolla130,203
Everything comes on but it won't start and I don't hear it clicking
Turn the key and nothing all lights go on .battery is good.drove it to the store came out wouldn't start
1995 Toyota Corolla80,000
Problem Car will not start, isolated problem to starter solenoid. It's an easy fix Fix and description Checked starter found solenoid on the starter had burnt a contact and what I will call the armature washer. When the solenoid activates the washer makes the connection across the two contacts. The contacts are brass and one of them takes more ware than the other contact, eventually the washer is unable move close enough to make good contact across the two contacts and it's a no start condition. First time this happened my car had about 80,000 mile on it, reoccurred again at around 160,000 miles. I took the starter completely apart at 80,000 miles and was no measurable ware in the starter. I used the factory service manual for the specifications. With this in mind, may I suggest you avoid a rebuilt starter and just replace the 3 small parts in the solenoid. They are hard to find -- read on. Parts and where to find them Most places and dealers only sell the complete starter when I was looking for them. Lehr Auto Electric in Sacramento California (916-646-6626) has the 3 parts you need to rebuild the solenoid for much less than $30, price from my memory. I don't work there and it a easy job, the hardest part is getting the starter out of the car. No soldering just a wrench and maybe a screwdriver. I hope that helps someone and it's my thanks for all the help I have received from the internet. Dennis
1998 Toyota Corolla115,000
Ignition sometimes just clicks, no power to the starter. I try it a few times and it starts up easily.
2013 Toyota Corolla56,600
My car won't start and it's not the battery , I just hear a clicking noise before it starts , I replaced the starter and it started working fine but every once in a while it just won't start again
2003 Toyota Corolla250,000
I replaced the battery spark plugs and air filter and now getting ready to replace the starter not exactly sure what it is but according to my research I'm 75% sure it's the starter. Wish me luck :)
2003 Toyota Corolla123,000
Starter Died. Almost needed a tow. Just would not turn over at all. Gave it a couple of good taps with a metal pipe on the top (on an angle), and started right up after that. Took it straight to the local Tustin Toyota Dealer in Southern Calif who said they do not make re-manufactured starters for my Vehicle ID because they come directly from Japan only. If it was American made, he could order a re-manufactured model at a third of the cost. Quoting me $800 to replace the starter. Why do I feel like I've just been suckered ????? I'm seeing alot of Japanese re-manufactured starters for sale on the internet for less than $100 and they told me the part alone costs $417 ??? I'm still feeling raked over ?? Awful feeling and will be a poor poor Xmas this year because of this unfortunate incident. I wish someone could confirm they are telling the truth because it would make me feel a lot better.
1994 Toyota Corolla187,000
starter and solenoid problem. crank ignition and hear a clicking sound. been replaced and repaired before.
key turns, loud clicking commences, lights and radio work, changed out battery free 2 yr replacement at walmart lord bless the man who convinced me to go for the warranty, replaced terminal connnectors and wires. as these were worn and tired.had friend who retired from auto shop look and listen confirmed starter. 99.999 and 47 core at auto zone. lots of homecooking bartered for repairs.
1992 Toyota Corolla173,000
I try to start the car but it makes a weird sound and doesn't start and also the check engine motor sign turns on. I don't know what's wrong with it, the battery is supposedly good.I don't know what the problem can be.
Starter starts most of the time but sometimes I turn on the ignition and just hear a click. The battery is good. Had the starter replaced. Now works fine. Paid $230 for parts and labor.
1992 Toyota Corolla264,000
Engine wouldn't crank. Replaced battery even through it tested fine. Found out if you think battery is dead but you can still turn on headlights it's the starter not the battery.
2015 Toyota Corolla14,878
car wont turn over. electrical seems to work fine just wont turn over
2009 Toyota Corolla37,000
had to replace, bad starter
1992 Toyota Corolla75,000
Starter solenoid stopped working.
1996 Toyota Corolla240,000
The engine wont turn over. Got a new battery installed. Brake lights come on, but the fuse was a major issue in the past. The lights come on, but no cranking at all.
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