2001 Mercedes-Benz ML430 Q&A

2001 Mercedes-Benz ML430 Question: Vehicle stopped on interstate. Check engine light on Wont start unless cold HELP

Problem started one day, did it 4 times until I could get it home. Vehicle is now parked waiting to be looked at. Oil has sprayed all over the front of the motor. What can be the problem? -
Answer 1
tow it and get a diag and est,could be alot of isssues -
Comment 1
Thank you. Everything that can go wrong, has done so in the past. Locks keep popping up and down, BAS lights stay on, check engine light stays on. Every 6 months, I'm installing brakes, seated heats don't work, the passenger window goes down on it's own. Maybe the original owner died and want's the vehicle back. He/She can HAVE it!!!! -
Comment 2
very common for mbz after the 1st 3 yrs,they are money pits -

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