Ford E-250 Problem Report

Ford E-250 Vehicle Stalls While Driving, or Will Not Start – Engine is Warm

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A defective thick film ignition (TFI) module can cause the engine to stall while driving, or the engine may not start. A failed TFI module will require replacement.

purchased van in sept 2014 had problems ever since. Back and forth to dealership kept journal as to when stall happens, to no avail. Dealership wanted to keep charging money for small items and not do what I was told by many mechanics. Fuel pump, Fuel filter etc. Still in shop Still no results as of June 2015 -
Truck stops running on the highway,sometimes it wont start when hot.The dealership said its the fuel pump,(we'll see) its in the shop now .Cost $ 1,400 !!!!! -
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