vehicle speed sensor A on 2001 Audi TT Quattro

computer Hand Held puts out a code Vehicle Speed Sensor A Range/Perfomance.
Need to know what the causes for this code might be!

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some tt eng/trans combo have had a problem with the dual mass flywheel causing vibrations and in some it is related to the haldex final drive. i dont know if you want to, but if you post your vin# i could check for bulletins. the p0501 code can be set from extensive cranking on occasion but if the sensor is bad the car will not start. if the fault sets regularly, i would suggest replacing the sensor.
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Can you post the code that you pulled from the vehicle? And describe the symptoms you are having?
Do you also have a speedo that is not working, ABS lights on? If so, you may be having ABS module issues.
This is from a site that rebuilds electronic control modules:
Common Problems:
• ABS Pump running continuously.
• ABS or TRACS warning lamp on.
• Speedometer "twitchy" or erratic at times.
• Cruise control randomly surges.
They also state other problems with the instrument panel: "This rebuild is guaranteed to restore your improperly functioning instrument cluster for Audi TT with intermittent or total loss of all gauges, temp and fuel gauges which read incorrectly, dead clock, odometer and/or failure of LED backlighting"
po 501 is the code
went u let off gas pedal, weird viberating occurs and it's very slight.
and went the code come up downgrades engine power also.