1996 Buick Skylark Q&A

1996 Buick Skylark Question: Vats sometimes wont allow my car to start

sometimes my car will not start due to the vehicle anti theft system. How can I get this car to start? -
Answer 1
the ignition lock cylinder has the vats connected to it. it is common for the wires to break and the vehicle will not start. take it to a pro and get a bid to repair. Roy -
Answer 2
how do you fix it? -
Comment 1
the steering wheel has to be removed, turn signal switch and collar. it gets involved if you have an air bag. pays around 2.5 hours in a shop. i reccomend letting a shop handle it because of the air bag and the tools needed to perform the work. check around for bids from shops. there is a directory tab at the top for a list of shops in your area. Roy -