Jaguar XJ6 Problem Report

Jaguar XJ6 Various Engine Oil Leaks

(14 reports)

Engine oil leaks in several different areas are common. I may be necessary to clean the affected area and recheck to determine the exact cause of the leak.

engine oil leaks in various places -
oil leaks over cam cover an down on to crank sensor which throws all over engine alt, belts,radiator,airfilter box,all over my steering parts which makes car run rough harly idle dies goin down road an likes to much oil an got oil in my spark wells as well -
Cam cover leaks oil by gasket and drips down bellhousing. -
engine leaks under somewhere squeals knocks need new crankshaft pulley water pump power steering pump problemsproblemsproblems -
Oil leak in front of car. Keeps getting bigger and more oil. -
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leaking a little faster than i would like too see it also squeals when started
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