Van wont turn over. Changed spark plugs. on 1990 Dodge Ram Van B250

Car wont start poured gas in carbourater still would not turn over. Had no problemprior to that

Asked by for the 1990 Dodge Ram Van B250
Vague information; No carburetor on that one, Potwin Ks? No such place.
Whats with the POTWIN KS????
It is just good to know where people that post a question are really from!! Climate makes a big difference as to the correct/more accurate answer in a lot of cases,, that's what's with the defalt location of Potwin,KS....! Seems to be some big secret what state they are from!
:-); lack of information
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Potwin is a city in Butler County, Kansas, United States. But other than that. Won't turn over is a starter issue. Pouring gas into it won't make it turn over. If it's turning over but won't start? Why did you change the plugs? Because it wouldn't start? Make sure you didn't mess up the firing order.
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