1990 Dodge Caravan Q&A

1990 Dodge Caravan Question: Van wont stay running

It will start up and idle for a few mins but then will shut off and sometimes when i'm driving down the road it will shut off also. -
Answer 1
Many things can cause this, you'll have to have it diagnosed. It could be fuel supply, ignition system, or something else, too hard to say without some more info! -
Answer 2
I have a 97 dodge caravan ES and I was having the same problems, drive down the road and it would just die, I would put it in Nutral and start it right up. I took it to a shop and they did $3,000 of work on it and still did not fix the problem. So My mom took it to her shop and the only thing they did was change the MAP sensor and I never had the problem again. -
Comment 1
Air Idle valve. about 70 bucks and 10 minutes to change -
Answer 3
check fuel pump -
Answer 4
My 91' van had similar problem. Seem like a timing problem to me. Replaced the crankshaft position sensor. Over time the sensors can develope hairline cracks and heat from engine will cause them to expand and temporarily break connection. Problem reoccurred immediately and replaced part again. The 1st new sensor proved to be defective also. -
Answer 5
Have ur camshaft position sensor,and ur crankshaft position sensor checked and or replced. -
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