Van won't start; only turns over after installing new computer. on 1992 Dodge Ram Wagon B250

History; engine light "on", alternator was not charging, replaced. Still not charging, battery checked out o.k.; voltage regulator inside computer possibly b.o. Replaced computer, now engine turns over but doesn't start; does computer need to be relearned and how?

by in Oroville, WA on November 11, 2012
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ANSWER by on November 11, 2012
check codes
COMMENT by on November 12, 2012
Don't know what happened but, tried it this morning and it fired up? Hope it's not an intermittent problem. Checked the codes after running it for a while and the normal ones came up: code 12 for the battery being disconnected, code 37 which is a bogus one, due to an afterthought in the transmission by Chrysler and code 55 which is the end of all codes. Thanks for your help.

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