Van wont start on 1997 Mercury Villager

My van worked fine yesterday this morning i went to start it it started then died. Now it wont start turns over but wont start. Has fuel

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have you had the battery or alternator tested ? does the volt gauge go to low volts when you try to start it ?
battery is fine has plenty of charge not draining by trying to start it either
have you tried checking the fuel rail pressure ?
no how do you do this?
it looks like a tire valve stem on the top side of the engine , now this is messy doing this , have someone try to start it , while taking a screw driver to the center of it like you were letting air out , to make sure fuel is being pumped to the injectors . so watch out for spraying gas !!!
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With respect, I would advise strongly against doing such a thing. The port is there for a gauge to be installed, not to be depressed in a rudimentary test of spraying fuel. I understand what you are suggesting, but feel as if this act would be putting the consumer in harms way.
Check the. Fule. Pump or. Gas tank mine did. That till i found. Shit ton of. Tradh in my. Tank
did you take the dist. cap off to check for rotation? could be a broke timing belt. engine shouldn't have damage as ive replaced a few of these belts.