Van won't start on 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

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My van won't start,it turns but just won't start,battery is ok,starter is ok,spark plugs ok.

Took to mechanic and couldn't find anything wrong but said it was my pcm,dealership said there isn't a pcm it's a bcm and another said it's an ecm,so needless to say i'm very mad i need this fixed as i have a family of 6.

Just wondering if it's something easy that noone can figure out?
Is it the cam shaft? and if so where is it located? how much is this gonna cost? etc,

Thank you
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dont go back to the dealer. the car has a bcm and pcm. the pcm controls engine and the bcm controls body functions. you need to go to someone for a diag. the pcm is an expensive guess. i have seen more failures from a crank sensor than pcms.
shop around.

drivers side on the engine block down in the back. it takes its sensing off the flexplate. it has a wire connection and is held in by a 10mm bolt. ut may be easier to see from the top of the tire on the left front.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located?according to my repair manual 3.8L motors don't have a cam shaft position sensor but do have crankshaft position sensor.
Thank You!
Thank you,i'll chat tomorrow when we start figuring this out,if i need help again!
Thanks so much!