van starts then shuts down on 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

the van will start but then it will shut down . it will also then show that there is no fuel the guage will read Empty , there will be no odometer reading also. the over head computer will also show a DTE reading of zero. sometimes after a few hours it will start and be normal but not this time.

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Possible Body Control Module (BCM) and or associated wiring, grounds etc. as this controls everything you have mentioned.
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For future users. It is the instrumentation cluster, right behind the odometer. There is a broken circuit in the circuit board; very hard to see. With a magnifier glass you can scan the circuit board and it is usually a dot or dots that feeds the circuit board. These can be soldered with any soldering iron from Radio Shack. Taking the instrumentation cluster is actually not that hard; you start by removing the cover under the steering column.
I have a 97 T/C with the same problem. What did you do to fix your problem. My Chry. T/C van battery died about 5-6 months ago, I let the van sit until I replaced the battery 4 days ago. I'm having the same problem the van will start but then it will shut down like there is no gas. There is fuel, I just put about 8 gal in the tank of new gas. The over head computer shows a DTE reading of zero.
We have had the same problem with our town and country and is what needs to be done is you either need to get a new instrument cluster or take the current one out and there are a couple of bad soder points on the back of the cluster. Once that is fixed you will have no more problems with the van starting then shutting down. Also if you need a quick fix to the problem you take your fist and hit the dash right above the instrument cluster until all the lights come up on the dash, we did that until we had the time to remove the instrument cluster on our van.