Van overheats when air conditioning is used on 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500

When using the air conditioning while idling or driving the engine overheats and then stalls. It drives fine as long as I don't turn the air on. What could cause this?

Asked by for the 2001 Dodge Ram Van 1500
Most likely cause is the Radiator fan is not working properly, or at all. Check to see if both fans are coming on, when the A.C. is in use.
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Poor cooling system operation. ie: clogged radiator, defective fan clutch, missing fan shrouds, slipping belts
2003 RAM 1500 uses a slip clutch fan. The newer cars use two electric cooling fans. When the A/C is turned on one of those fans comes on too. The slip clutch system allows the fan to slip when engine is cool but when it heats up the viscous clutch spins the fan. If the slip clutch is not working correctly the fan won't spin fast enough to cool the engine with the A/C on. If you have an electric fan which I'm sure you don't check the relay, the fuse and motor if fan doesn't come on when A/C is on. I have same issue on my 5.2 L I replaced the slip clutch and so far all is good but it's early yet LOL!
change the thermostat