Van leaking oil, grocery store died wouldnt start added some, ran but hard time. on 1998 Chevrolet Venture

Just got it back fromt he mechanic a few weeks ago, replaced the transmission. Since we got it back, It shakes when u get to 50 mph, it makes a lot of noise. It also while on the freeway doesnt really jump, but has a hard time accelerating. I got to the store and as I put it into park the oil light came on and it died I couldnt start it, oil was ok added a little more, it got me home but has a hard time starting, I have to keep my foot on the gas petal. Any ideas on what it would be? I did check and there isnt anything indicating that the engine block is cracked and fluid is leaking into it.

by in Springville, UT on September 22, 2012
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ANSWER by , September 23, 2012
take it back to where you got the tranny done