2003 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

2003 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Van engine temp. wont rise, Van blower temp to cool.

Its 10 deg. outside. I let the van warm up take it for a drive and the engine temp. barely rises above "C". It was doing this even when it was 35 deg. out. I have replaced the thermostat topped off the engine coolant. There are times the engine temp will come close to middle but as soon as you start driving it returns to "C". I have read it could be an air pocket or the heater core. Im lost. -
Answer 1
It could be an air pocket. Or you could have replaced your thermostat with too cool a unit. Too cool a thermostat opens too early and never allows your engine to get to operating temperature. Verify the one you installed is the right temperature. -