1995 Ford Windstar Q&A

1995 Ford Windstar Question: Van does not move when I place in Drive

Many of times my van does not move when I place in Drive. Sometime it also happens when I am driving and come to a stop. Does not happen all the time. But if I place the gear in Drive 2 (second gear) then works fine. Once it also happened in Reverse gear. Again Drive 2 worked but the Drive and Reverse did not work. Engine seems to be running fine. -
Answer 1
Make sure the fluid level is correct. -
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Yes, I did fill the motor oil and the transmission oil. But still the same problem. -
Answer 2
I know you don't want to read this but Windstars are notorious for having bad transmissions. You need to find a transmission expert. Not just any old repair shop, but a transmission expert. Good luck. -
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I had to have the transmission on mine totally rebuilt. It was causing problems like you described and I'd be in traffic and it would not shift. I went to Aamco transmission a national chain, and now she runs wonderfully! -