van cuts out on me on 1996 Plymouth Voyager

when i start my van the engine stops, i start it again, it starts to run then stops again, when i apply the gas it seems to keep it running wants i get it running it seems to do fine, sometimes it acts like it is going to cut out on me but it regains its power and continues to run. it seems like this happens when i first start it up after it has been sitting for quiet a while. also when it stops running the radio and air conditioner and anything with power continue to run

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Your description sounds typically of what happens with a dirty throttle body. . A dirty throttle body will adversely effect idle. Combustion residues build up in the throttle bore and throttle plate thus limiting critical air flow past the throttle plate when closed. The Idle speed motor cannot compensate fast enough and the engine stalls. To clean, Remove the air cleaner hose, Fully Open throttle plate (Engine off), spray a small amount of Throttle Body Cleaner in bore and wipe with shop rag until bore and throttle plates are clean.
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vaccum leak at the small air line at the side of the throttle body.does the van run and when you put your brake or let off the gas doe sit die/ if so check all your vaccuum lines attached to the the throttle body area.clean your throttle body out with proper thrtle body cleaner sprat,cjange pcv valve($2.33 at walmart-cheap way to get clean air back into engine).should help immensley-ps.--change your plugs!!!!!