valves tick loud- can it be worn rocker arms? on 1994 Ford Escort

valves are ticking loud -is there parts I can replace to stop this. Car has 136,000 and burns no oil or smokes. I was thinking it might be the rocker arms? Input would be appreciated

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You didn't say which engine you have. the 1.8L has dual overhead cams and hydraulic lash adjusters. If you're getting loud ticking from the valve area, you may have worn out hydraulic lash adjusters or even a worn out camshaft.
If you have the 1.9L engine, you have a single overhead camshaft and rockers to operate the valves, with hydraulic lash adjusters which could be worn out. It's very possible that the rockers are worn out, creating the noise, or the cam itself could be worn out.
Either way, you need to be sure to use a good quality oil filter with an 'anti-drainback' feature. some cheap filters don't have that and it creates problems.
I'm guessing that you have the 1.9L engine and the rockers are getting too loose, but you really have to check it out before buying parts.
Here's a directory link for you:
thanks for the information. It is a 1.9 and I'll take the valve cover off to inspect.
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do you have oil in the engine?sounds like no oil is getting to the top end.check oil pump pressure with a manual gauge.
wiil try this