Valve cover gasket on 1994 Dodge Caravan

how do I replace the front Valve cover gasket

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remove bolts on valve cover all around take off cover and clean cover and area of the gasket real good make sure no oil or dirt on the area where your replacing the gasket use black silicone sealant on it works the best good luck
NOTE: The cylinder head cover can be either an isolated type Cylinder Head Cover - Isolated Type or a non-isolated type.

1.Disconnect ignition cables from spark plugs.
2.Disconnect crankcase vent hose from cylinder head cover.
3.Remove front cylinder head cover bolts.

Reverse process for installation
4.Remove cylinder head cover and gasket.

1.Disconnect negative cable from battery.
2.Remove Wiper Unit. Refer to Windshield Wipers and Washers for procedure.
3.Remove intake manifold upper plenum. Refer to procedure in this section.
4.Disconnect PCV hose from cylinder head cover.
5.Remove rear cylinder head cover bolts
6.Remove cylinder head cover and gasket.